Brown Rice Syrup

Brown rice syrup is a natural alternative to refined table sugar and artificial sweeteners. Brown rice syrup is made from brown rice that is fermented to break down the starch in the grains, the liquid is then removed and heated until it reaches a syrup like consistency. It has a low glycemic index rating because it is void of fructose. Unlike refined and processed talbe sugar, which forces your body to work harder to absorb the sucrose, brown rice syrup is able to provide your body with fiber through slower absorption properties. This helps your maintain your energy and prevents the negative effects of sugar induce fatigue, irritability, and the insatiable craving of more sugar.


Another advantage of brown rice syrup is that it has many of the B vitamins and minerals that are found in rice and sprouted barley. Characteristically rich but mild flavored, rice malt syrup complements simple foods, whereas honey, maple syrup, and molasses have stronger, often overpowering tastes.


If you are eating a healthier diet or  you simply want to enjoy the highest quality sweeteners available, choose naturally malted whole grain sweeteners such as brown rice syrup.


In the end healthy eating is not about switching one sweetener for another. It’s about eating more whole foods, less processed food, and less total sugar.