Our Story


lifehealthBAR was created from a simple idea. Healthy food should taste delicious, without compromise. When life gets busy, eating healthy can be nearly impossible. You don’t want to be late to work, school, or picking up your child from daycare. Your busy schedule stops for no one, especially not our own nutritional needs. At lifehealthBAR, this problem became an inspiration. We understood the necessity of a product that was both  high quality and great taste. We used the insight, passion and expertise of nutritionists to create such a product. Our lifehealthBAR products are ideal for parents, students, children, athletes, and everyday multi-taskers who don’t have the time to sit down and refuel. It is our hope, that lifehealthBAR not only provides a product that enables health, vitality, and energy, but also inspires people to live a healthier lifestyle. We believe many people, like us, care about what goes into their body. Our product has allowed us to remain nourished and healthy, all while leading active and driven lifestyles. We hope our product gives you the same fulfillment and flexibility that it has given us.

Our Mission

We set out on a mission to make our bars from real, whole ingredients that are carefully hand-picked and kept as nature intended. We believe that healthy food can be made without compromise of taste, or nutritional content. With every lifehealtBAR that we produce, we know that it promotes a healthy and active lifestyle. We know that a healthy lifestyle must start and begin with a choice. This choice could be as simple as choosing a bar with natural ingredients. From this choice, comes a desire. This is a desire to know more about what you eat, and how your body works with foods and chemicals that you consume.

Our Philosophy

At lifehealthBAR, we define LIFE as the dynamic interaction of the physical, mental, emotional, social, and environmental dimensions of our well-being. We identify HEALTH as the necessary fuel that enriches these fundamental aspects of life. Finally, we hold our BAR to a standard that allows nutrition and taste to exist in harmony, as your ideal life and health should.

Our Motto

Good health is a duty to yourself, to your contemporaries, to your inheritors, and to the progress of the world. Health is a state of complete harmony of the body and spirit. Ultimately, health begins and ends with the choices you make.