Yuana Bee

File Mar 05, 12 22 25 PM


1. Do you exercise?

Yes I do, I go to Zumba classes a few times a week. I also run and walk with my dog every day.

  1. How important is eating healthy to you?

Very important however I enjoy some cheat days on the weekends.

  1. What is your favorite physical activity?

Going to my Zumba class in the mornings, I really look forward to it. I feel rejuvenated after I’m done and it helps me have great days.

  1. What makes you truly happy?

My family and my friends.

  1. What is your favorite snack?

Yogurts with granola, chips and salsa.

  1. What is your favorite fruit?

Raspberry’s, Strawberry, Blackberry, basically the berry family.

  1. What/who inspires you?

My lovely son inspires me every day. I’m so proud to be his mom. Love him to death.