Victoria Studer

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Imagine a time when eating raw eggs like Rocky Balboa and fasting was the popular thing to do in health and fitness?  Jane Fonda was on the home video player teaching fitness to ladies and big 1980s Texas hair was in fashion?  Maybe you do remember that time also or was a kid during that time, like I was.  I was born in Madison Wisconsin but my father moved our family to Texas for job relocation. I have lived different places like Chicago and Los Angeles too. Today I live with my husband (who was an amateur, award winning boxer) and our Turkish Van cat, in Basel Switzerland.  We have a weight room at our place and hike together often.  I like to do both indoor and outdoor workouts!

I have tried a lot of things regarding health and nutrition. My 20 year career is in professional hair and makeup.   So naturally, looking good inside and out is very important to me. It helps keep my mind positive so I don’t get the blues and makes body fit so I feel strong.

I have seen many trends that have come and gone in health and beauty. I worked for Bally Total fitness and was educated by the company.   I was a high school, award winning basketball player.  I come from a family of American award winning athletes, so being fit was naturally part of my upbringing.

My Mother would only allow us sugary sodas at special occasions and today I am very thankful to her for that.  After graduating from University in Wisconsin, I have still made sure that I work out, three days a week ever since.  For me, the key to my own success is doing a variety of active sports and always trying the newest fitness trends, so I don’t get bored.

Fitness and nutrition trends have come, gone, and evolved.  One trend has remained.  A great, on the go health bar!  I love Lifehealthbar, it tastes so good that I prefer it over a junk food candy bar.  When I am on location working doing makeup and hair for top executives, models and actors, these bars travel with me.  I think they are just great!