Shee Dueitt

  1. Where were you born?

I was born in Leakesville, Mississippi.

  1. What kind of food do you like?

I’m a Southern type of girl so I love all kinds of fried foods, however it is important for me to stay in shape since I’m in the acting and modeling business.

  1. Do you exercise?

Yes I try and exercise at least three times a week. I go to the gym and I love hiking.

  1. Do you try to eat healthy while dining out?

I mix it up but for the most part I try to stick to natural and organic food.

  1. What’s your favorite way to get a serving of fruit?

I love juicing.

  1. Who is your hero?

My mother . She  is my best friend. She’s my biggest supporter and fan , she’s my rock. I can tell her anything . She’s taught me how to be strong like her, God-fearing , and how to be an amazing mom someday.

  1. What is your favorite energy bar?

I love lifehealthBAR it’s great for you , it is nutritious and delicious.