Mariana Baesso


  1. Where were you born?

I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I moved to Los Angeles about seven years ago.

  1. Do you exercise?

Yes I exercise a lot. I have a personal trainer and go to the gym at least five days a week. When I don’t go to the gym I like going on hikes.

  1. Do you eat healthy?

I try to eat healthy all the time. I work full time and go to school part time so its very hard for me to be able to eat a full balanced meal.

I always carry a bar on me . It prevents me from snacking on junk food and holds me over long enough to sit down for a meal.

  1. What do you look for in a bar?

I want the bar I eat to be all natural and high in fiber, lifehealthBAR contains everything I look for in a health bar and tastes great.

  1. What is your advice to other people trying to eat healthy?

Instead of adding salt experiment with herbs spices, lemon juice, garlic,black pepper or

seasoned olive oils to flavor your meals.