Galang Stro

What is your day job?
Video editor
What is your location?
Ottawa, Ontario
1. Do you like to exercise?
I do like to push heavy weights but I hate cardio exercise. If it werent for my busy schedule, I would be going out in the world and get some exercise through fun adventures like hiking.
2. Do you eat healthy?
It’s very difficult for me to eat healthy because my job is heavy on deadlines. So I’m sitting all day editing. I try to buy easy grab food like fruits and bars but its hard sometime to not avoid junk food which just makes me feel off centered most of the time.
3. What is your favorite healthy food?
My favorite healthy food would be bananas. I cant not have one at the beginning of every morning.
4. What is your guilty pleasure? Taco Bell… Its terrible, i know…
5. What motivates you to eat healthy? Seeing healthy life styles around me when I’m out. I envy the people that look great and feel great because I know that’s where i should be.
6. What are your goals for 2015 My goals would be to maintain a healthy lifestyle while achieving success in my field
7. What is the best piece of advice you would likely give to others?
Look good = feel good = perform good.
All the best, Galang