Catherine Bilger

File Mar 06, 2 19 06 PM

  1. Do you work out?

I do. I do a lot of cardio. I love running and hiking.

  1. Do you eat breakfast?

I don’t have much time in the morning before I have to run off to work so I usually have some coffee and an energy bar or some yogurt with fruit.

  1. What are some elements you look for in a bar?

I personally like granola bars, I like for them to be flavorful and crunchy. I don’t like my bars to have any added sugars and I also want them to be filling.

  1. Favorite animal?

I love horses and dogs.

  1. Favorite physical activity?

Riding horses. I have been doing it for many years. It is my true passion in life.

  1. Favorite food?

I love fish, sushi, vegetable soup salad and yogurt.

  1. What is your guilty pleasure?

Nutella! Lots of it.

  1. What is something you like doing in your free time?

I love travelling the world, watching t.v. shows, cooking and spending time with my horse.File Mar 06, 2 19 06 PM